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The White House is of course one of the most famous buildings and historical landmark in the world. The massive white mansion was built in 1792, and it has been the official residence to the president of the United States since 1800.

The very first occupants were the Adams, John and Abigail. At the time, The White House was a rather small building and over the following years and centuries, numerous other parts were added. Amongst the most famous is the West Wing.

The White House, designed by architect James Orban is of neoclassical style. As previously mentioned, throughout its history, the building has undergone several architectural changes Besides the West Wing; other very notable features include the portico and the colonnades. The colonnades were built through President Jefferson’s administration.

The sprawling white mansion is oldest building on President’s park and is one of the most famous attractions in the world. Tours and visits are organized throughout the years

Haunting and ghostly encounters…

The White House is not just famous for being the residence of the most powerful man in the world. It is also home to many ghosts and spirits. Indeed, the paranormal activities reported inside the White House make it a very attractive place to visit for ghost hunters and other paranormal investigators.

The ghost of Abigail Adams

The Ghost of Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams has often been sighted in the East Room. At the time of their stay, this drafty room was used to hang the laundry. Mrs Adams spent a lot of time in this area of the building until her death, in 1818. Since then, guests and visitors to the White House have reported seeing her figure with her arms fully extended as if she was busy hanging the family laundry.

The smell of soap has been reported as well on many occasions. Under President Taft, Abigail’s ghost was often sighted literally flying through walls after she had hung the laundry.

Her ethereal presence has also been seen floating around parts of the White House, mainly the hallways, again carrying something- probably some laundry baskets.

Paranormal activity in the attic…

According to President Harrison, steps and noises in the attic were common occurrence during his presidency. President Harrison decided to have this investigated as the noises were loud and very annoying. After doing some thorough investigating, it was confirmed that none of the White House Staff had been in the attic and to this day, noises can still be heard. They remain unexplained.

The Roosevelt Period…

During the Roosevelt presidency, the paranormal activity at the White House became quite intense. Amongst the most famous ghosts wandering around the building is Abraham Lincoln.

The first accounts of the ghostly apparitions of Abraham Lincoln came from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Guests of the President who were offered to sleep in The Lincoln Bedroom claimed to have been watched by the late president.

The ghost of President Lincoln has also been seen kicking off his boots according to a clerk. Another testimony came from Queen Whilhelmina of the Netherlands during her stay at the White House.

According to her, she was stirred from her sleep by a sharp knock on the door of the Lincoln bedroom. When she opened to door, she could see President Lincoln Ghost staring at her from a distance in the hallway.

The wife of President Coolidge has also witnessed the ghostly apparitions of Lincoln. Sightings of the famous man have also been reported in Oval Office. His ghost is standing by the window and starring outside in his typical posture with his hands clasped behind his back.

David Burns

Not as famous as other ghostly figures, David Burns, owner the owner of the land on which Washington DC was built, has also been seen walking around the White House on many occasions. His presence has been felt and sighted inside The White House and its park.

The Yellow Oval Room is the area where David Burns’ presence has been felt the most. Indeed, an unearthly voice claiming “I am Mr Burns” was reported by a seamstress who worked at the White House for nearly 30 years.

Under Harry Truman’s presidency, a guard heard the disembodied voice and thought it may have been a secretary of State. Upon checking the records, he realised that this person had not been present at the White House on that very day.

Lady Mary Todd Lincoln and her séances

Grief-stricken Lady Mary Todd Lincoln organized several séances to try and get in touch with her deceased sons. Instead, she heard the late Andrew Jackson screaming vengeful words through the White House hallways.

Andrew Jackson who had been defeated by Adams in 1824, held a grudge against him until his dying days even though he was eventually elected 4 years later.

His ghost is often heard pacing up and down the halls of the big white mansion. Harry Truman himself reported the ghostly noises in his numerous correspondences.

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