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RMS Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner that was ordered in 1929 and launched on September 26th 1934. The famous liner retired on December 1st 1967 after a long career at sea. It was operated by Cunard White Star Line.

The liner was then turned into a hotel, restaurant as well as a museum and rests permanently in Long Beach, California.

The Liner’s dimensions are impressive. She is 181 ft high, with a length of 1019 ft. Capacity wise, the magnificent ship could cruise with 2139 passengers and 1101 crew members. Her service speed would average 28.5 Kn (approximately 52,8 Km/h).

Background history of the Liner

The colossal liner made her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936. On her first trip and for the next following three years, The Queen Mary welcomed numerous prestigious guests including The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Actress Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill as well as many other rich and famous society people. Travelling first class, they enjoyed all the luxury and entertainment that the ship could offer them. The liner became a real success and was known to have broken the record of speed for the first time during the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dark Years…

When the Second World War broke out, the ship was requisitioned and used as a troopship. The liner soon became known as the “Grey ghost” and carried up to 5000 people. The exact number of troops transported during the war by the now unglamorous ship is said to have been around 800, 000.

The Queen Mary played an important role during the war and, took part in the D-Day invasion and became even more famous for transporting around 22 000 war brides with their children towards the end of the war. These atypical cruises became known as the “Bride and Baby Voyages”.

Back to its former glory after the war and a complete refurbishment, The Queen Mary became once again this elegant ship cruising weekly between Portsmouth, Cherbourg and New York.

When air travel became affordable and far quicker, liners started to suffer from a slow decline. The Queen Mary was no exception to the rule and by 1963; the ship’s weekly crossings had given place to occasional cruises. In 1967, she retired from the seas and settled for good in California after a long life of duty and services.

Haunting and paranormal activity

The floating hotel and museum has also been famous for its ghostly apparitions. Some reports have suggested that the liner is certainly the most haunted ship in the world and probably in the top 10 of all the haunted places.

An estimate of about 150 spirits and ghost are said to be roaming around the beautiful liner and violent and sudden deaths have been part of the history of the liner. In the last 60 years, 49 people in total have met their death on the ship.

The Queen Mary, having been used by the allies during the war makes it an even more attractive place for ghost hunters. The spirits of soldiers, widows and children have been reported by many of the thousands of visitors.

The Engine Room…

One of the most haunted locations of The Queen Mary is the engine room. The room itself was used for the shooting of the blockbuster movie “Poseidon Adventure”. In this very room, 2 men are said to have met a violent death after being caught and crushed by one of the most feared spot of the ship; Door 13.

The last death occurring at Door 13 in the engine machine fell upon an 18 year-old mechanics, who had been working on the door drill in 1966. Since then, his ghost has been sighted on numerous occasions. The clearly visible figure of the young man has been seen pacing up and down the narrow way leading to the door. Witnesses have all claimed to see him vanish by the door.

The Swimming Pools…

Ghosts have been spotted in many different areas but two particular areas have become a favourite spot for them.

These are the first and second class swimming pools of the ship. None of the pools are in use today. The first class swimming pool was used for the last time about 30 years ago and yet many visitors have reported sightings of women dressed in 1930’s swimming trunks and leisurely walking around the pool deck.

Noises of clapping and splashing water have been heard on many occasions along with wet footprints, as if someone had just been swimming. The sight of a girl carrying a teddy bear has also been reported near the first-class swimming pool.

Another girl- Jackie according to reports and archives- has appeared countless times near the other swimming pool, located on the second class deck. The archives confirm that a girl drowned in the second class pool and that it most certainly is the ghost of the little Jackie. She has been sighted, and heard. In fact, it is not unusual for people visiting the Queen Mary to hear voices and sounds of laughter around the second-class swimming pool.

Ghostly apparitions in the first-class lounge…

The ghost of a young woman wearing a stylish and elegant white evening gown has been sighted dancing on her own. She has been sighted dancing away, most of the time by the corners of the room, which is now referred to as “The Queen’s Salon” and used to be part of the first-class area.

First-class rooms seem to attract more ghosts than anywhere else on the cruising liner. A very tall man wearing a 1930’s suit has often been seen standing. In the same rooms, a baby’s cry has been heard and reported on many occasions. Archives suggest that it could be a baby boy who passed away a few days after his birth in one of the suites of the first-class.

Other unearthly phenomenon on The Queen Mary include lights going on and off as well as water running or even the telephone ringing at night or very early in the morning. Nobody seems to be at the other end each time this incident occurs.

Finally, other very common occurrences such as sudden temperature changes, screams and slamming doors have also been reported many times aboard the famous ship.

The Queen Mary welcomes people all year round. The hotel also offers guided tours and many special events are also organized.

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