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The History

Built in 1845 and restored to its original Victorian splendour, the famous Lizzie Borden House is a private home. In fact, it has been a privately owned property since 1892. The Residence was built in 1845 and at the time, the house was divided and shared by two families.

Lizzie Borden House is not a historical place just because it was built in 1845, but because two of the most gruesome and famous crimes took place on August 4, 1892. On this fateful day, Lizzie, one of the Borden Sisters, is said to have murdered her father and stepmother with a hatchet.

The body of Andrew Borden was found on the couch in one of the downstairs sitting room whilst Lizzie’s stepmother’s lifeless body was discovered upstairs in the guest bedroom.

This massacre went down in history and remains to these days one of the most famous crimes in Massachusetts

So, Who Did It?

Lizzie and her stepmother, Abby, never got along and quarrels regarding who should inherit the estate upon her father’s death had been known to many around the area. This may have been the motive and Lizzie was arrested for murder on August 11, 1892. The grand jury trial took place in June 1893.

It is mentioned that shortly before Andrew and his wife were so brutally murdered, the whole family had become very sick without any apparent reason.

During the trial, a local druggist claimed to have refused to sell cyanide to Lizzie to allegedly clean a suit. Although this particular episode occurred a few years before the murders, local residents still thought it very strange for a girl of that age to want to purchase such a toxic solution. However, Lizzie’s defence lawyers argued strongly during the trial that this particular incident was not admissible. Lizzie was later acquitted of both the murders.

To this day, the murders remain unsolved and new theories and disputes over who did it continue. Lizzie Borden died in June 1927.

The Haunted History & Paranormal Activity

Since then, the house has been known to be haunted and a lot of paranormal activity is said to have taken place. Pictures of a blue orb outside the room where Abby Borden was killed were taken. It has been reported that the front door of the house will not stay closed unless it is properly locked. People staying in the house have also reported a significant drop in the temperature at times and for long periods. Finally, shadowy figures as well as Lizzie’s own face can be seen on many photographs taken recently in different areas of the house.

This house and its paranormal activities have been part of the national “folklore” since the day the murders took place. There are many websites showing pictures of the orbs as well as other testimonies but seeing and feeling it for yourself is certainly a worthwhile experience.

Visiting & Access

The house is located about fifty miles south of Boston and conveniently close to Newport and Providence. This historical gem is easily accessible via all major highways. If you are using a GPS, the house number is 230 Second Street.

The House is open to the public for visits and tours. It also has a museum. Please bear in mind that photos are not permitted inside the house and it is closed during the major U.S holidays. Special Events can be organized such as “Red Hat Tea Party”, and “Tour tea and murder” so, do not hesitate to inquire.

Besides the guided tour and the museum, this local historical place offers “bed and breakfast” for those who dare!

When the visit turns into an overnight stay…

So, how about staying for a night to try and see Lizzie? The house offers two main bedroom suites, which are Lizzie and Emma’s own bedrooms as well as the victim’s own bedrooms. The victim’s own bedrooms come with a private bath. Another room called the John Morse Guest Room is also available. Three further rooms located in the attic can also be booked. Those ones still have the original Victorian fixtures.

Spending the night at this special place means that you get to eat the same breakfast the Borden family enjoyed the day the murders took place. You will be served bananas, cookies, jonny-cakes and coffee. A bed and breakfast experience at Lizzie Borden House resembles no other bed and breakfast in America or anywhere in the world and and one of the main reasons why this house is worth visiting!

Contact Lizzie Borden House

92 2nd St, #230
Fall River, MA 02721
Phone: 1 (508) 675-7333
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