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The place is often referred to as “The Del or Hotel Del”- It is a luxury hotel located on the beachfront and stands right across the San Diego Bay. The breathtaking view is just as renowned as the architecture and the services of this magnificent resort.

The Hotel Del Coronado officially opened in 1888. It was built by architect firm Reid & Reid and is now part of the KSL Resort portfolio. Back in 1888, it was considered the largest hotel at the time.

The Del Hotel has 680 rooms and 7 floors. Many Suites, cottages and Villas have been designed to accommodate a wide variety of clientele. The place offers a wonderful range of amenities and activities and also boasts a very renowned restaurant as well as several bars.

The Hotel Del Coronado is one of the very last wooden Victorian beach resort left across America and is definitely one of the largest of the kind. The Del Coronado officially became a National Historic Landmark in 1977.

The hotel offers private events such as wedding, dining and other functions.

So Many Famous Guests…

So many notorious guests have spent time at the hotel that it is difficult to name them all. Amongst the most famous are the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin as well as all of the US Presidents since Benjamin Harrison. Barak Obama is the latest of them to have spent time at the luxury hotel.

The Legend of the Beautiful Stranger…

The Kate Morgan case (also known as “The Beautiful Stranger”) remains a mystery and at the same time attracts many people who want to experience some paranormal activity during their stay.

Kate Morgan (aged probably 26; it remains unclear but she was not older than 27) had booked in room 304 (formerly 3318) which is now 3327. Also referred as Lottie, the poor woman had been suffering from stomach cancer and was awaiting her husband, a doctor, to be administered some medicine in order to treat her symptoms.

Mr Morgan never showed up and on November 29th 1892, her lifeless body was found strewn upon the steps of the path leading to the beachfront.

Murder or Suicide?

The victim was said to have committed suicide with a gun shot in her head.

However, many different facts and versions have been presented up until now. The fact that the bullet lodged in her head did not match the bullet that was in her gun has raised doubts over her alleged suicide.

To this day, and despite the case having been reopened, the cause of her death is still registered as “suicide”.

The Spirit of Kate Morgan…

Since her tragic passing, strange paranormal occurrences have taken place in room 3327. Many have reported noises, lights switching on and off as well as several items floating around the room.

The television set often turns itself on and off inexplicably. Guests staying in Kate Morgan’s former room have reported cold breezes sweeping through and no clear and rational explanation have been given so far.

A couple staying in room 3327 during the Valentine week-end went through a rather surreal paranormal experience. Whilst the couple was sound asleep, the ghost of Mrs Morgan appeared and stood by the end of the bed. She stared at the couple for a few minutes and vanished.

The spirit of Kate sometimes leaves the room and wander aimlessly around the hotel. However, it appears that her ghost is a rather friendly one and her fleeting appearances are well tolerated by staff and guests.

They have become accustomed to her antics and the paranormal activity attracts many tourists and guests who hope to catch a glimpse of the famous ghost.

Flying Items and Marilyn Monroe…

Lots of paranormal activities have been recorded inside the resort’s gift shop. For instance, glassware often flies off the shelves along with other items. Drawings and paintings tend to fall off the walls of the shop inexplicably.

The hotel was the setting of Marilyn Monroe’s famous movie, “Some like it hot”, and some believe that the ghost of Kate is not too keen on sharing her fame with the notorious actress.

Finally, many other guests and visitors have reported getting awakened by freezing temperature in the middle of the night, especially during the summer.

Contact Hotel Del Coronado

1500 Orange Ave
Coronado, CA 92118
Phone: 1 (619) 435-6611
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