Bell Witch Cave


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The Bell With Cave is located in Adams, Tennessee, close to the Bell Farm Site. It is what we call a Karst Cave due to its geological formation. It is 490 feet long and is now a private property. Plenty of guided tours are organized throughout the summer as well as in October.

Bell Witch Cave is a legendary site and part of the local folklore, although its reputation reaches far beyond Tennessee and America.

The cave has been associated with the Bell Witch also known as Bell Witch Haunting, a poltergeist phenomenon occurring in the household of The Bell family.

Movies made about the legend include “The Bell Witch Haunting”, an “American Haunting” and the “Blair Witch Project”.

What is the legend?

It is simply America’s most famous Poltergeist

The first sightings began in 1817 by John Bell who came face to face with a form of hybrid dog although it remains a mystery since it was never captured and seen again. The animal supposedly had a rabbit’s head on the body of a dog. This was the beginning of the haunting in the area.

Later on, the Bell family began to experience strange incidents, which literally made their lives hell. Strong paranormal activities started and were mainly limited to knocking and gnawing noises. The knocking happened mainly on the outside walls of the Bell’s home but this didn’t last long and eventually moved inside the abode.

Betsy Bell, the youngest daughter is said to have been the victim of invisible forces. In fact, she was the victim of choice for the poltergeist. Its activities increased and included flying objects, constant knocking and speaking, cursing and even inviting itself into family conversations. Other incident including spilling the milk and removing the bed linen were normal occurrences at the Bell Farm.

Who Was Knocking?

The spirit of «Kate Batts», neighbour of the Bell family was mentioned many times. In fact, there had been some quarrels over a land deal with Mr Bell and minutes before dying, Mrs Batts’ last words were for John Bell! Indeed, she promised to haunt him and his descendants.

The funeral of Mr Bell!

The Bell Witch Cave became such a phenomenon that when Mr Bell died, his funeral was attended by a huge crowd of people. When the family, relatives and friends of the late John Bell started to walk back to his house, the poltergeist struck again!

The spirit was heard laughing out loud and singing a song about a bottle of Brandy. The singing went on until everyone had left the cemetery. Although some claim that the haunting stopped after Mr Bell had passed away, the spirit can still be seen or heard at times. Photographs of orbs and ghostly figures have been reported many times since.

Tours and Visits

You may want to take a tour of the area and see for yourself whether this is true or not! Many guided tours are offered to those interested in the history of the place. You can visit the Bell Farm where the poltergeist struck so many times and canoe downs the Red river. If you are feeling strong enough, why not try one of the Haunted Candlelight Tours. You may even want to choose the Special Night Time Tours and Photos where you will be able to spend 15 minutes with experts looking and discussing the albums full of weird pictures.

Contact Bell Witch Cave

430 Keysburg Road
Adams, TN 37010
Phone: 1 (615) 696-3055
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