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Belcourt Castle is located on Bellevue Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island. It is a private property and offers no accommodations but you can visit the castle as well as the garden, which are truly magnificent. The castle also boasts a museum.

You can also book a guided tour and for those who aren’t afraid of ghost, the owner of the Castle, Mrs Harle Tinney organizes candlelight guided tours at night. Finally, you can also book events or organize your wedding at the castle.

The construction of the building which would later be called Belcourt Castle started in 1891 and finished in 1894. Although the main bulk of the construction took place during these 4 years, further buildings and architectural bits were added throughout the years.

In fact, Belcourt Castle went through quite a few changes over the last centuries and these architectural changes occurred with each different owner. The building is a mix of many different European styles but Belcourt Castle’s architecture is strongly influenced by French Renaissance. Its interior is mainly of Gothic style. There are 60 rooms in total and the Castle is 50 000 square foot.

Historical Background

Designed by Richard Morris Hunt, the property changed ownership many times. Over the years many different families have bought, occupied and sold the castle. The current owners of the Castle, The Tinneys who still owns the castle gave it the name of Belcourt.

They have filled the property with a wide range of unique and highly valuable antiques that you can still see today, when you visit the Castle. The huge collection includes amongst others the most valuable collections of French royal and oriental art in the world. It also boasts ancient furnishings as well as many genuine Persian rugs. Finally, the collection also houses many priceless religious antiques.

Unexplained Paranormal activities…

Belcourt castle is well known for its paranormal activity and has featured in many TV shows, the latest being “ghost hunters”. Those interested in ghosts and other unexplained paranormal activities will be spoilt and can expect chills down their spine.

Are You Feeling like taking a dance in The Ballroom?

The Ballroom is the most “feared” room of the castle since this is where most of the haunting and paranormal activity takes place. The current and former owners as well as visitors and tour guides have reported feeling a distinct presence standing behind them and most particularly right behind their shoulder. However, none of them have been able to identify whether it is a man or a woman, an adult or a child.

These chilling accounts have been investigated by famous paranormal investigators but no explanation has been given and the strange atmosphere can be felt seconds after you enter this large room. Objects flying across the room as well as furniture moving are also very common especially in the Ballroom and if you are lucky enough, you may hear footsteps around the room and doors opening and shutting on their own.

Like in most haunted houses, the temperature fluctuates and the Ballroom can become very cold, all of a sudden. People have also reported feeling physically sick and even nauseous after spending a few seconds in the room. Others have mentioned getting sudden surge of uncontrollable hatred.

Salt Chairs…

The “salt chairs” are undoubtedly one of the most baffling and fascinating paranormal activities present at the castle. Originally used by royalty to distribute salt (very valuable commodity value at the time), the salt was hidden inside the chairs and the kings or rulers would be seating on them to make sure they wouldn’t disappear.

Do you feel like having a little experience? If so, when you visit the castle try to seat on one of those chairs and see what happens? Maybe you will be one of those who won’t be able to sit and instead you will feel someone pushing you. So, are you tempted?

Some visitors claim to have been violently ejected from the chairs and it appears that only men can’t sit on them. Give it a try!

The moving monk and the agonizing voices…

Finally, another spooky phenomenon seems to happen to a monk at Belcourt Castle. Well, it is only the statue of a monk, wearing an ancient robe. The statue is said to be moving and changing position. Once again, no rational explanation can be given. No explanation either can be given to the agonizing voices heard in and around the Ballroom and the corridors. The voices although frightening, seem to be warning the visitors…but of what? This remains a mystery! Maybe you can solve it?

Contact Belcourt Castle

657 Bellevue Ave.
Newport, RI 02840
Phone: 1 (401) 846-0669
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